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Now with chemistry, mathematics, biology, anatomy & physiology, nursing, and pharmacy topics!

Periodic Table Apps – Two Free Learning Games Reviewed

We review two periodic table apps for iOS designed to help students memorize the elements for introductory chemistry classes.

3 Mnemonic Devices for Redox Reactions

Need a mnemonic device to keep your redox reactions straight? Here are some memory aids for oxidation and reduction.

3 Ways to Memorize the Multiplication Table

Including blank tables, an interactive times table, and free games at Study Putty!

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Oppia: Progressive Learning Opportunity or Open-Content Muddle?

Bret reviews the new online teaching/learning tool at, which allows you to create interactive explorations for students.

Naming Polyatomic Ions and Compounds

Tricks and tools to remember your polyatomic ions for Chemistry class! Whaddaya call it? What's the charge? How many O's again?!

PhET Provides Interactive Learning for Chemistry

Reviews of PhET chemistry simulations with links--Balancing Chemical Equations, Build a Molecule, and Gas Properties.

15+ Free Games to Memorize the Periodic Table of Elements

Visit our project to use our awesome memorization tools. It's free and it's a change of pace from quizzing yourself on that crumpled-up cheat sheet for the twenty billionth time, for the love of Gallium.

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