Acids and Bases Study Materials

Like our polyatomic ion study sheet, the acids and bases list gives the names and formulae for common substances you may need to memorize for chemistry class.

Common Acids and Bases (PDF)

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Acids and Bases

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The acids and bases list is optimized for printing, for use as a handout, or to use online.

Memorize Names/Formulae of Acids and Bases with Study Putty

You can also now memorize names and formulae of acids and bases at Study Putty. We have a matching exercise for both acid and base nomenclature. We also have a fill-in-the-blank exercise for acids and bases. It’s free, and while we can’t promise to make painful studying fun, we can say it’s at least as good as flashcards and a good deal more scenic. Look at those amber waves of putty, those cookie-cutter mountain majesties…

Study Putty: Acid Nomenclature

Study Putty running with the “Inspirational” feedback setting.

You can also learn the elements, polyatomic ions, and other material at Study Putty.

Where the cool kids go to scrape by on tests.

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