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New Physical Chemistry Topics Added to Our Free App

Screen shot 2013-12-13 at 1.16.30 PMThis week, we have new live content available on Study Putty: amino acids. Before you go callin’ your prof “a-mean-o” for making you memorize this stuff, know we’ve got your back.

When a p chem student told us she wasn’t finding exactly what she needed on Quizlet, we decided to come swinging in to save the day. Alright, all we did was upload a spreadsheet into our software. But anyway, we can certainly help you, as we helped her, to review the following topics:

Amino Acid R Groups (Match proteins to their side chains)

Amino Acid pKa Values (Memorize the logarithmic constants, or pKa)

Amino Acid pl Values (Isoelectric points)

Long Abbreviations (Abbrs.)

Short Abbreviations (Abs.)

As usual, we offer our drag-and-drop matching game and our fill-in-the-blank game, on which you can switch the direction of recall according to your desires.

Head on over to Study Putty: P Chem.>>

(Study Putty is free and in open beta for feedback.)

But we’ll admit Quizlet has us beat for studying images, simply because we’re still working on that. So here’s a Quizlet link for matching amino acid structures (as diagrams) to full names.  We won’t think any less of you for cheating on us with them. Really. No, really, it’s fine. Really.

Where the cool kids go to scrape by on tests.

 Logarithmic acid dissociation constant!! Sorry, it’s just fun to yell. Laters.

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