Students: Cram Cranial Nerve Knowledge into Your Cranium

Learn the Cranial Nerves

Store Your A&P’s Intercranially at Study Putty

What do you (or your students) need to learn? Need a memorization game? Let us know.

Cranial Nerve Functions at Study Putty

We now have memorization games to help you study the cranial nerves on Study Putty! Memorize the numbers and functions of each nerve, and also whether each is primarily sensory or primarily motor. Head on over and select either A&P or Nursing and you’re on your way to cranial nerve mastery.

Here are some additional study aids, courtesy of our passion for making cramming less sucky:

The Top Twelve Cranial Nerves of All Time

…presented in order of…their order. In other words: a cheat sheet/study list/handout–whatever you want to call it. It is also available as a PDF.


Click here for a PDF version of this cranial nerves list.

CN Mnemonic Doodle

AKA Stick out your tongue and say ’12.’

Cranial Nerves Mnemonic Drawing / Doodle, CN numbers

And without further ado, I present the precious nugget at the heart of this post…

A Cranial Nerves Mnemonic Device: a Poem

by the staff poet

Olaf opens the octopus truck,
tries to abduct the fox.

Vesta McOchlear’s glasses ‘re pheeble;
vaguely she spies his hocks.

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