How to Change LaTeX Font Sizes

LaTeX Font Sizes Demo10 LaTeX Font Sizes

These are the commands for changing LaTeX font size (technically, the size of an entire figure).

  1. \tiny
  2. \scriptsize
  3. \footnotesize
  4. \small
  5. \normalsize
  6. \large
  7. \Large
  8. \LARGE
  9. \huge
  10. \Huge

Example Use




Read about the use of the \frac command here.

Bonus: The Legendary LaTeX Font Sizes


The \RIDICULOUS command has only been attempted once. The output LaTeX figure crashed the entire CERN mainframe.

And then these two:

0. \ForMites

And even smaller:

-1. \legal
†Disclaimer: Legendary LaTeX commands exist iff they faked the moon landing, or my tinfoil hat don’t fit. Don’t let that stop you from trying them though.

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