LaTeX Fractions: A LaTeX How-To for Educators

If you’re a math or science educator, using LaTeX to format math online can be easy with a list of LaTeX commands for reference. In this post, you’ll find tips on using LaTeX for fractions.

How to Make Fractions with LaTeX

(Especially Complex Fractions)

In LaTeX markup, the basic fraction tag is


and the syntax is


so that the following string of LaTeX



Complex LaTeX Fractions

You can replace numerator and denominator in the above with any valid LaTeX string. So if you know the right LaTeX commands, you can easily place variables, operators, exponents and other symbols into LaTeX fractions using the same format.

Here is a Chemistry example where we’re multiplying two fractions. We’re adding in units, the multiplication operator \times, and exponents ^{n}. Again, you can refer to a list of common mathematical symbols in LaTeX.


And, yes, you can put fractions inside of fractions:


LaTeX Math Resources:

Symbol reference (same as above):
Another Fractions Primer:
LaTeX Wiki:

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