LaTeX Square Roots & Radicals – A LaTeX How-To for Educators

LaTeX Square Roots

LaTeX square roots are done with the command


The syntax is


which produces the square root of x, like so:

n Roots

You can use the same \sqrt command to make roots other than square. The syntax



Be sure to put in square brackets instead of curly. Square brackets are used for optional arguments to LaTeX commands.

Examples of Use





The Quadratic Formula in LaTeX:


You can even square root your square roots.


✔︎Bonus points (meaningless, imaginary points): Is this infinite series of square roots solvable for x, even if you can’t see the term until you reach infinity? I think so. 

I believe almost any valid LaTeX string can go in the root argument, even another \sqrt, but not another root:


But this


produces an error for me in mathtex:

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