3 Ways to Memorize the Multiplication Table

1. Memorize the Multiplication Table at Study Putty

Our free learning suite Study Putty now has activities to practice your multiples and factors.


2. Blank Multiplication Tables

Click for a bigger image, or download as a PDF.blank-multiplication-tableDownload this table as a PDF.

Here’s a version that goes to 10x. Again, click for a bigger image, or download as a PDF.


Download this times table as a PDF.

You can also download a PDF that has all the numbers filled out.

3. A Simple, Interactive Multiplication Table

Here’s an easy way to self-test your multiples online. Based on the PDF times tables above, our simple little website looks blank until you click a spot on the table, revealing the answer. It’s a quick way to rehearse the multiplication table. Try it out!

Memorize the Multiplication Table

Apologies: the click-to-reveal feature does not work on touchscreen. But if you’re okay just staring at a plain, blank multiplication table, please feel free to visit anyway.

Visit our project Study Putty for all your cramming needs.Stoody Pooty Lookie Lookie

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