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Polyatomic Ion list

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We offer two free resources to study polyatomic ions.

A Polyatomic Ion List

Sometimes when it comes to studying, simple is best. This polyatomic ion table can be used as a classroom handout or for self study. It can be viewed online or printed. If printed out, it can be neatly folded in half so only the names or the formulas (with charges) can be seen.

We’ve made a downloadable PDF version, and also a webpage version of the polyatomic ions list.

Practice your polyatomic ions’ charge, formula, and name to prepare for a quiz. The table includes the most common polyatomic ions. If there are ions on the chart you don’t need, just cross them out. It also makes a handy reference or cheat sheet while doing homework.

Polyatomic Ion Bingo

Polyatomic Ion Bingo

We’ve also teamed up with Bingo Card Creator to add a little entertainment to the process of studying.

Our downloadable packet includes gameboards for up to eight players and a call list with instructions. If you have more than eight players, you can separate into groups or else visit Bingo Card Creator to create your own custom game–for this or any other subject. Lastly, the download also includes our plain list of ions (above) for quizzing yourself.

Download (ZIP ~70kb)

The caller should announce ions by name, and the player must recognize the formula on the gameboard. This game provides a different way to practice memorization when you get tired of just going up and down a list.


In addition to the above, we have just published Study Putty, where you can memorize polyatomic ions! It’s a free tool.

Study Putty

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