3 Mnemonic Devices for Redox Reactions (Reduction & Oxidation)

Redox Reactions

Need a mnemonic device to keep your redox reactions straight? Here are some memory aids for oxidation and reduction.

1. Lose Electrons: Oxidation, Gain Electrons: Reduction

Redox Reactions LeoGer: Loss of Electrons is Oxidation; Gain of Electrons is Reduction

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2. Reduction at the Cathode, Anode Is for Oxidation

Redox Reactions RED CAT, AN OX: Reduction at Cathode, Anode is Oxidation

Diagram of a voltaic cell (or galvanic cell). For illustration purposes only; please do not construct batteries out of animals–unless you are an accredited scientist.

And here’s one more mnemonic device. Sorry, no picture.


Oxidation Is Loss (of e-), Reduction Is Gain.


I also found “LEORA says GEROA” (Loss of Electrons is Oxidation–Reducing Agent, Gain of Electrons is Reduction–Oxidizing Agent), but I think you need a mnemonic device to remember this mnemonic device. 

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