Study Chemistry with Study Putty

A New Chemistry Study Tool

Study Chemistry with Study Putty

The Stud: Hearts melt like putty in his charming arms. Well, actually he melts like putty because he is.

Master the following at Study Putty:

  • The Elements
  • Common Polyatomic Ions
  • Acid Nomenclature
  • Base Nomenclature
  • The First Ten Straight-Chained Hydrocarbons

Learning-Laboratory is proud to present its fledgling and freely available online learning activity: Study Putty.

Like clay in your over-stressed fist, dear student, the learning tools at Study Putty will be moldable to your desires, both for content and for style. As we are starting out, we are limited to two game types (matching and fill-in-the-blank) and to a handful of topics in chemistry. But we intend to expand. 

Memorization Is Lame: Get the Job Done and Over-With, Move on with Life

Yes, studying is no fun, but our goal is to see you through it. Embark on a veritable adventure of horrible rote memorization with the Stud as your reassuring guide. The Stud will provide helpful feedback to encourage you through the process of pleasing the educational system in which you find yourself inescapably embedded by cruel fate.

Our flagship drag-and-drop and type-in memorization drills are Chemistry-oriented and include:

  • The Elements (match symbols to names)
  • Common Polyatomic Ions (match formulae to names)
  • Acids and Bases (match formulae to names)
  • The First Ten Straight-Chained Hydrocarbons (match formulae to names)

Our content lists for memorization are carefully curated for accuracy, and ever-expanding in terms of topics. You, students (and teachers/professors) can suggest the next areas for us to cover. (See below.) For now, if you need to memorize your polyatomic ions list, names of common acids and bases, some elementary elements for the chemistry noob, or your first ten straight-chained hydrocarbons (smartypants), we got you covered.

We Can’t Make Studying Not Hurt, but We Can Make It Hurt Awesomer

Study Putty web apps (firstborn spawn pictured below) will feature customizable options like choosing in what style you will be insulted for your nincompoop wrong answers. Below, we demonstrate feedback in the language of Shakespeare. Acquire some literary class while you learn!

A happy little Yttribium lives here.

Memorize This! running in Safari on OSX in Early Modern English.

Memorizing lists of terms for school is not enjoyable. At Study Putty, you can be assured that we hate studying as much as you do. So come on over and lets all hate studying together. Get your studying done and over-with, and our clay-faced charmer, the Stud, will see you through it with his reassuring smirk and kind brown eyes.


Have ideas for content to memorize with Study Putty? Do share. Comment below or email Find an error in our content? (God forbid–we are ashamed!) Then please let us know.

Looking for more polyatomic ion resources? See our study tools here.

Looking for more acids and bases materials? Cast your gaze upon yonder post.

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