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Study_Putty_multiples_of_twelveNobody likes to memorize for school. Heck, even teachers don’t love forcing you to do it. They’d rather move on to comprehension and critical thinking.

But sometimes, memorization has just got to be done: multiples and factors for math classes, lists of polyatomic ions for chemistry, all sorts of vocabulary for anatomy and physiology…There’s always something you’re about to be quizzed on.

Study Putty sympathizes. We can’t necessarily make memorization fun–we won’t pretend to–but we can make it hurt a little less.

The memorization games at Study Putty cover a growing list of topics in chemistry, biology, physiology, nursing, pharmacy, and good old mathematics.

Memorization Game Formats at Study Putty

Memorization Games Include:

  • Drag & Drop Matching
  • Fill-in-the-Blank Drills
  • Categorization of terms into “Buckets”
  • Piecing together chemical formulas

Current Topics Include:

  • Chemistry
  • Multiples & Factors
  • Biology
  • Nursing and Pharmacy

Study Putty’s games are free to use!

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