We Crave your Creativity: Learning Laboratory Launches Game Idea Contest

Enticed by that prize? Eager to admire the finalists?

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How we got here
We’ve  spent the last six months exploring how learning technology is changing higher education at warp speed. And we now know for certain that learning technology can do much more than just help instructors organize course materials or students turn in assignments electronically.

Learning games can transform the time needed for memorization and skills development from drudgery to something approaching real fun.  Unfortunately, well-designed and engaging games for introductory college-level science courses seem few and far between.  We’d like to do something about that.

In search of creative ideas!
So we’ve decided to invite students (or anyone) from around the world to think creatively about games for practicing introductory science skills. We want YOU to dream up the learning game you wish you had when you were learning whatever you struggled with in the recent past.  You don’t have to be a computer programmer, education major, or a gamer to participate.
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