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Let Study Putty Be Your Study Buddy Tonight

It’s a free memorization tool!

If you are a student looking for a new way to memorize the crud you have to cram for class, Study Putty would like to help.

Why do we beat quizzing yourself on that crinkled cheat sheet another twenty-seven times? Why do we top reading the same table in your textbook on endless repeat? (With prospects that thrilling, do I even need to say?) Well, let me tell you. Nay, let me show you. Does your normal way of studying look like this?

Screen shot 2014-02-18 at 11.01.46 AM

Demonstrating our “constructive feedback” feature running in Shakespearean English.

Study Putty is a free web app with ever-growing topics to study. Unlike other free web apps for grueling memorization, we don’t make our users prepare and upload their own content. Instead of user-generated content, we prefer lists that are checked with sources and experts in their fields, or which, at least, have a good documented source. We are building material for high school and college:

  • Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science, Anatomy & Physiology
  • Nursing, Pharmacy, and Culinary Arts
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We’re Here to Help

Here’s a deal. We’re new and need to grow our content base to help students like you. You need to cram.

So tell us what you need to study, like, what you need to study this very week even, and we will put it in a special memorization tool for you and shoot a link right back to you within a couple days. Heck, if you need to learn it, like, tonight, stress your urgency to me and I will see what I can do.

Because we don’t do user-sub, I am offering to do this for you manually. That’s right. A real person is offering a free service.

Study Putty is still being developed. It is in free public beta, and we do need more content. And you, you need to dominate some tests. So let’s work together. Email Tell me what class and what topic, and, if you can, give me a source: a pic of your cheat sheet or textbook page, or a link to a public resource like Wikipedia. I will work on it and mail you back a link.

You can also get in touch through the comments below.

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Where the cool kids go to scrape by on tests.

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