Ten Free Flashcard Sites to Flip Over

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The 21st century has been called the Age of Technology, but it might also be aptly dubbed the Age of Independent Learning. Online resources have made it possible for the motivated to learn just about anything online for free. Online learning can be scaled up to the level of taking entire college courses for free, or scaled down to make learning specific details easier.

Flashcards are one of the world’s oldest learning ‘technologies’ but, despite their simplicity, they can still often be an effective study tool. Now, though, you don’t have to amass a suitcase full of 3 x 5 cards . . . that upon graduation from college you may just not be able to bear to throwing out. (Though maybe I’m the only one who still has that suitcase stored away in a dark corner.)

At any rate, the following sites allow you to either generate your own flashcards or use flashcards created by other learners around the world. Learning anything from art history to the cell cycle has become easier! Visual learners are in luck as nearly all of these flashcard sites can incorporate images into personalized flashcards, and some even incorporate sound for the aural learners among us.

Flashcard Machine
Flashcard Machine has an incredibly large repository of flashcards to explore and makes it a snap to generate new flashcards to use and share. Flashcard Machine also has free apps available for mobile devices at the itunes App Store and the Google Play Marketplace, encouraging you to learn on the go.

Quizlet features a live map on its homepage that shows what users around the world are studying on their site at that instant. This technologically-advanced, user-friendly site has an image-rich repository of flashcards and easy options to create your own.

Flashcard Exchange
Flashcard exchange sports over 50 million flashcards (and counting) which are created and shared by its users. Cards are organized by subject. These include not only standard course subjects, but also unique sets to study alternative medicine, law enforcement or career-specific information.

Studyblue boasts a usership of over 1 million global learners who use their various learning tools. The Tap, Snap, Speak mobile application allows you to take a photo and transcribe your voice to quickly create a visually appealing and personally meaningful flashcard with your phone.

ProProfs Flashcards
The ProProfs Flashcard site offers web-based flashcards as well as cards available specifically for mobile devices. To get started, click the browse button which takes you to the pre-made flashcard area or you can easily create your own flashcards after you create a user account.

Free Flashcards: Flashcards for everyone
Free Flashcards offer cards organized by subject with tabs across the top of the screen. Some flashcards have an additional auditory component that can be helpful for learning basic English, Spanish or French. Additionally, this site offers related e-books, activities, games and printable handouts.

Study Stack
Study stack has tons of flashcard stacks available. They are organized by subject and are made and shared by other users. If you can’t find what you are looking for, you can create your own to add to the shared learning power of the site.

The engrade website has a simple, pared-down feel that makes finding flashcards in a specific subject area fast and easy. This site also allows you to create and share personalized flashcards if you can’t find a set that meets your needs.

While potentially geared toward a younger audience, this flashcard site has both pre-made and personalized flashcard power. It is straightforward and easy to use.

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